Duracrete Fencing has been providing quality fencing products and services for over 30 years

Welcome to Duracrete  ...

Duracrete Fencing specializes in:

Manufacturer of concrete fencing for domestic and industrial use
Repairs to all types of fencing.
New : Palisade ( Steel & Concrete ), Precast Walls, Wooden Fencing , Gabion Walls,
Retaining Block Walls , Brick & Block
Pillars , Razor Spike & Razor Wire , Gate & Door Automation , Electric Fencing & CCTV Camera’s
We manufacture , supply and deliver

Why Choose Us?

1. We guarantee our customers the very best in concrete quality .
2. Our customers will not be faced with problems of spawling in years to come.
3. We ensure maximum compaction of the concrete, and displace air bubbles which cause Blemishes on the surface of the product.
4. Our fencing is absolutely solid with no unsightly gaps.
5. Our strong foundations make for stronger fences.
6.This ensures maximum strength and stability .
7. We guarantee our customers the very best workmanship.
8. You can afford to buy today.

Some Facts About Our Concrete Fencing:

1. All aggregated and cements used by us are SABS Approved
2. Galvanized high tensile steel re-enforcing is used In all of our panels.
3. All components are manufactured on high speed Vibrating tables.
4. All panels have a special  interlocking systems.